Figgjo / 2022

Frame is a series of oval plates that we designed for Norwegian porcelain manufacturer Figgjo. The series comes in three different sizes and is a useful alternative or supplement to the traditional, round shape.

The design is based on an oval silhouette with soft and organic lines that gives a harmonic and delicate expression. The inspiration comes from our fascination of oval shapes used in modern art and historical architecture. A shape that exists somewhere between the ellipse and the rectangle, with both aesthetic and functional qualities.

It's fluid and enveloping shape creates an elegant frame for the food and certain dishes lend themselves naturally to oval dining surfaces. Just think of classic bistro fares with two juxtaposed elements, such as fish & chips or entrecôte with fries. Also, oval plates usually take up less room, both in terms of stacking and the space they occupy on the tabletop.

The expertise of Figgjo in developing porcelain products became a source of inspiration in itself and made it possible for us to achieve the result we wanted for this project. Frame is produced in the same material as Figgjo's other series, namely high-quality vitro porcelain. The glaze is highly scratch-resistant and helps avoid edge nicks. This makes it possible for Frame to withstand many years of intensive use.