Røros Tweed / 2023

Mello is a series of four different coloured wool blankets designed for Norwegian textile manufacturer Røros Tweed.

The blankets are designed for shaft weaving, with focus on the binding and how each thread locks the textile in place. Our design is based on a diagonal pattern that gives a strong construction and a soft texture that appears slightly three-dimensional.

During our design process we investigated different weaving techniques and patterns. Exploring possibilities to combine traditional techniques and modernized patterns.

From the very beginning we experimented with physical samples in paper and yarn. In parallel to sketching by hand and drawing digital structures. Often switching focus from close up to full scale. From defining each thread to considering the whole blanket. Leading us to our final design of Mello.

Since the 1930’s Røros Tweed has produced wool textiles and blankets in Røros. The family owned company also has its own yarn factory in Rauma, with almost 100 years of experience spinning wool yarns from Norwegian wool fibers. This puts Røros Tweed in a unique position with hands-on development from raw material to final product.

The Mello blankets are available in four colours:

Lemon Yellow

Leaf Green

Powder Pink

Warm Grey