Røros Tweed / 2024

The starting point of Palette was to create something subtle, organic, orderly and structured. Something that's understandable and pleasant from a far or up close, folded nicely or fully folded out.

As designers, we find it interesting to seek order in chaos – finding a balance between sense and sensibility. Something we wanted to express in this product.

In its minimal and essential thought, the blanket has an understated pattern with a delicate and subtle depth. With soft-edged shapes repeated across its surface, the motif can be perceived as both a geometrical grid as well as an organic pattern.


The orderly and neatly composed pattern and colouring, is inspired by graphic prints and visual arts. Although the pattern is structurally weaved into the blanket, it almost appears as printed onto the fluffy woolen surface. Giving associations to classic printing techniques such as stencil, silkscreen, lithography, raster and block prints.

The name “Palette” refers to both the rounded shape and the colourful expression of the blankets. Its collection comprises of four colours; Clay, Sage, Sea and Coral.

Each colour way unites two subtly contrasting or tone-in-tone yarns. Creating a harmonious contrast and palette, underlined by the characteristics of Røros Tweed's Jacquard qualities.